DISCOGRAPHY (1990-2006)

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The Harvest Of Magnetism I & II / Überlebensformen II
LP 33rpm
(cat#) Discos Esplendor Geometrico - Spain 1990

The Growing.. Of The Result.. Into The State.. Of Hyperreality
7’’ 45rpm <collaboration w/ catalan photographer Joan Fontcuberta>
(P-1410790) Edita IPS - Spain 1990

Assemblage II
LP 33rpm <collaboration w/ IMCA members: Frans de Waard & Ios Smolders>
(KP3791) Korm Plastiks - Netherlands 1990

Interférence Et Plus
CD 61:36
(SFCRCD01) S.F.C.R. - France 1992

CD 51:13 <collaboration w/ ERG & MSBR>
(FLCD01) Flenix - Japan 1998

Some Conceptual Obligations, The Usual Rough & Rumble And The Conspiration Of Silence
CD 53:57
(PAL-19) Pinch-A-Loaf - USA 1999

7’’ 45rpm
(cat#) Povertech Industries - USA 1999

Casual Praise Of Domestic Calamities
CD 62:11 <recorded 1999-2004>
(GIA02) hypnagogia - UK 2004

Inventaire & Contradictions
Retrospektive Vol.1  LP
material from the 80's
LP Vinyl-On-Demand 10 Germany 2004

Monochrome Vision
the escape of the electrified dermatologist epitomises his dissent with the compromising juxtaposition of the smell and the sound of a pair of wings injured in subdued romance
mv 09
2 x CD - Russia 2006

The New Blockaders + Das Synthetische Mischgewebe
Monosyllabic Bicycles Tri-Coloured Quadruples
E=mc18 - USA 2008
LP + 7" set  305 numbered copies



49 Entgleisungen
2x '10 vinyl on AufAbwegen - Germany 2008

Frequency Conquistadors
LP on PAN - Greece/UK



discography compilation appearances other forthcoming out now

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