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Installations & Performances


Concerts in England for November : 19. London, 20. Bristol, 21. Nottingham, 22. Newcastle, 26. Leeds, 27. Sheffield

12. - 14.10. 'Lire en fëte' Grasse, Installation with printed coarsed canvases used like flags, text and sound about the river 'La Brague' which by carelessness, profit and ecological shortsightedness has nearly disappeared.

Preparation of a piece of Electro-acoustic music based on recordings made on Orchestra Percussion's for the last years class of classic dance of the national conservatory of Caen.

21.05. performance/live-video/dance/music with  'jeux de voyage magnétiques'
MJC Chemin Vert, Caen

26.04. performance/live-video/dance/music with  'jeux de voyage magnétiques'
Ifs/ mercredi de Verrières

23.03. concert
C.R.I.M.E. Asso, Malterie Lille

17.02. performance/live-video/dance/music with  'jeux de voyage magnétiques'
Le Collectif Jazz de Basse Normandie présente
Espace culturel Paul Eluard à  Blainville sur Orne


06.12. Piece of Electro-acoustic music for the last year's class of classic dance of the national conservatory of Caen.

18.11. 'concert / 'sound installation'
'Nördic Impact, Rencontre des Cultures Electroniques
w/Transat Vidéo
Théatre Municipale de Caen

13.10. 'Händelwebe' 'sound installation'
Conservatoire de Caen
1 rue du Carel - 14050 CAEN
02 31 30 46 70

03.06. 'Händelwebe' 'sound installation'
Halle/Saale "Electric Renaissance"
Haendel Festspiele
'sound installation'


26.09. 'concert / 'sound installation'
l'état des choses France
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes/ fine arts museum of Nantes
20 années FRAC apo33

05.08'concert / 'sound installation'
Caen soirs d'été France
night of électro-acoustique musique in the castle of Caen with a diffusion on
some 50 loudspeakers currated by Christine Groult/Motus.

Echo Festival Germany
Grimma, Höfgen (near Leipzig)  in "Leutewerk" collaborating with The Oval Language


all August 'sound installation : Brugge Construct'
Brugge, Belgium
for European Cultural Capital 2002 project by  CLING  FILM
4 channel composition
4 stacks of loudspeaker in four marchandises wagons arranged in a square


Sound installation with accompanying posters exhibited at an abandoned train station for an open-air exposition, 'parcours d'art contemporain SACO' at Bagnoles de l'Orne (12-07au15-09).


GROSSE STUDIOS kleine sampler Germany
Podewil, Berlin    4 channel piece (made possible thanks to a residence at the studio for electro-acoustic music of the Arts Academy of Berlin)

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